Re: stejnak to ale nechápu, celkový náklady vývoje

strix 06.05.2019
The Red Flag ratios were against aircraft with IRST, DRFM jammers, HOBS missiles/helmet sights, while having a 3:1 numerical advantage and the ability to respawn 4x (or more.) The >20:1 ratio was as a result of 145 kills and 7 losses, by F-35s. The losses were due to confusion during respawning, where previously dead aircraft came back into play, while already WVR of F-35s. When F-35s have flown against AESA equipped F-15/18s the results have been the same. There have been exercises with 27:0 kill ratios. Now add in double digit SAM threats, cyberwarfare/extreme jamming, on top of numerical advantages.

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